Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

Yoeh-Liang Tong


Class Year: 1911

Previous School: St. John's College, Shanghai

Attended: Nov. 19, 1909-June 15, 1910

Classes: Upper Middler Year: Algebra, English, French Authors, Solid Geometry,

Latin Authors and Composition, Physics

Dorm: lived with Mr. Frost

Graduated: Non-returning Middler

Sex: Male

Class of: 1911

Guardian: Yung Kwai, Legation, Washington DC

1922 address: Tsing Hua College, Peking (Beijing)

1937 address: 6 Ta Yen Tung Hutung, Tung Shih Poi Lou, Peiping (Beijing)

1947: Peiping (Beijing)