Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

Huan Chen

Huan Chen

Courtesy of Professor Xu Guang

of UMass Amherst

Chinese Name: 鄭桓/郑桓


Class Year:1906

Phillips Academy Department: scientific

College: Amherst Agricultural College

PREV. SCHOOL: Anglo-Chinese College

ATTENDED:Sept 17, 1903-May 23,1905

DEPT: Scientific Dept.

CLASSES: Junior Middler: Algebra, Chemistry, English, French, Geometry

Middler Year: Algebra, English, French, Geometry, English, History, and Physics

DORM: Mrs. Jackson Junior Middler Year

Farrar 4 Middler Year

GRADUATED:Non-returning middler



FATHER:Yik-Kee Chen, comprador of Butterfield 8c Squire, Shipping

GUARDIAN: Sir Chentung Liang (PA 1882), Washington, D.C.

DIED: 1968 in Hong Kong

"Withdrew May 23rd, 1905, and tutored.'

June 15,1905: "May have certificates in individual subjects for entrance to college'

Married the daughter of Sir Chentung Liang (P. A. 1882)

was the first Chinese student of University of Massachusetts at Amherst and also the maternal grandfather of famous actor Kent Tsang (曾江) and Jeanette Lin Chui (林翠)