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Quincy Queen Shan Sheh

Quincy Sheh Quincy Sheh

Chinese Name: 佘坤珊

From:Davenport Rd, Tianjin

Date of Birth: October 13, 1904

Died: 1956

Attended: December 7, 1920 - June 15, 1923

Class Year:1923

Phillips Academy Department: scientific department

College: Bowdoin Collge

Scholarship: Chinese Educational Mission (1872-1881)

Career: college teacher, at National Chekiang University in Hangzhou in 1958

Father: Shen Kuei Sheh (Hardy Ltd.)

Dorm: Taylor 16 (1920), lived with Dr.Stearns in Samaritan House in lower and upper years.

Prev. School: Tientsin Anglo-Chinese College

Class: Algebra; Bible; Chemistry; Drawing; English; French 1,2; Plane and Solid Geometry; Ancient Hist; Physics; Public Speaking; Trigonometry

Dorm: Taylor 16 (1920), Samaritan House with Dr. Stearns Lower and Upper Years

Class of: 1923

Graduated: 1923

College: Bowdoin (not Yale)

Sex: Male

DOB: October 13,1904 (according to PRC)

Father: Shen Kuei Sheh (Hardy Ltd.)

Guardian: Dr. Stearns

MISC: Mr. John Whittam (PA '25) sat next to him in Latin (?). Mr. Whittam pursued Quincy at Yale, but couldn't find anything (went to Bowdoin)

Quincy Queen Shan Sheh, of Tienjin, China, also graduated in the Class of 1927 of Bowdoin College. He participated in cross country and track. He was a member of the Quill Board from his freshman through his junior years. He returned to China and spent a long career teaching English at several Chinese universities. (Source: Bowdoin College)

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