Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

George Chia Chi Tso

George Tso

Chinese Name: 車家騏/车家骐

From: 42 Jara St, Hong Kong

Prev. School: St. Francis Xavier College

Attended: Jan. 5, 1950 - June 11,1950

Classes: Math, Physics, English 3

Dorm: Johnson 21

Graduated: Non-returning Middler

Class of: 1951

College: MIT

Sex: Male

DOB: July 29, 1931 in Shanghai

Father: Paul V. Tso, Asia House, The Bund, Shanghai (contractor)

Guardian: Paul M. Pan, Cambridge

For more details, please see: Shanghainese Builders in Hong Kong (Part Four) – Paul Y. and Dao Kwei Kee