Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

Sen-Yan Yung

Sen Yan Yung

From: Canton (Guangdong Province)

Prev. school: Amherst High

Attended: Sept. 22. 1905-June 19, 1907

Dept: Scientific Department

Classes: Junior Middler Year: Algebra I, Plane Geometry, French Authors, German I Middler Year: Algebra II, Solid Geometry, Trig, English, German, Physics

Dorm: Woods 7 Junior Middler Year

          Mrs. Holt Middler Year

Graduated: Non-returning middler

Class of: 1908

College: Cornell

Sex: Male

DOB: March 7, 1888 in Canton

Father: Hin Pong Yung, Chartered Bank, Hong Kong

Brother: Hin Fun Yung

Guardian: HD Fearing, 80 Pleasant St, Amherst, MA

PRC NOTES: "Allowed to omit from his present coures of study 1906-1907 Latin "C", Latin II, Physiology, Physiography and English History in order to complete the requirements for admission to college."