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Charles Sun Kwang Hua

Charles Kwang Hua Sun

Charles Sun in 1925

Charles Sun Soccer team

soccer team

Chinese Name: 孙广华/孫廣華

Birthday: Septemter 9, 1907

From: 222 Davenport Rd. to 44 Cambridge Road, Tianjin

Attended: September 13, 1921 - June 15, 1925

Phillips Academy Department: classical department - junor and lower middle years, Scientific Department - upper middler and senior years

Sports: Soccer Squad 22-24, Soccer Team 24-25, Winning Club Wrestling, 23

Dorm: Lived with Dr.Stearns in Samatarian House until senior year

College: Amherst College, Columbia University

Career: diplomat

Prev. School: Stowe Grammar School, Andover

Attended: Sept. 13, 1921 - June 15, 1925

Classes: Classical Department - junior and lower middleryears

Scientific Department - upper middler and senior years

Junior Year: Algebra 1, English 1, French 1

Lower Year: Latin 1, Algebra 2, English 2, French 2

Upper Year: Plane Geometry, English 3, French 3, Physics

Senior Year: English 3,4 and 5, Solid Geometry, Ancient Hist, Trig.

Sports: Soccer Squad 22-24; Soccer Team 24-25; Winning Club Wrestling 23 Lived with Dr. Alfred Stearns in Samaritan House until Senior year; Day 20 Senior Year

Graduated: 1925

Class of: 1925

College: Amherst; Columbia Sept-Nov 1929

Sex: Male

DOB: September 9, 1907

Second oldest of four Sun siblings sent to Dr. Stearns; son of Chunying Sun (Chun Yung Sun), a business and philanthropist, brother of Arthur Phillips Academy 1921, Thomas PA 27, Mary Abbot Academy 26; Worked in Foreign Ministry in Nanking in 1932. Listed as deceased in 1947 alumni bulletin.