Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

Er Liu

Chinese name: 刘耳/劉耳

From: 17-5 Yanhe North Road, Panxian County, Guizhou, PRC

Attended: 1983-84

Cluster: PKN

Dorm: Nathan Hale West 26

Graduated: 1984

Awards: Wadsworth PRize in Physics

             Special Mention for Distinguished Scholarship Scholarship during the Senior    Year for Mathematics and Physics 1984

College: University of Chicago B.A. in Physics '88;

             Columbia M.A. in Biology Oct. ‘89;

              Princeton '91-____ Ph.D. studies

Sex: Male

MISC: Rickover Science Institute summer of '84; Sept '89 - '91 Center for Excellence in Education (the organization that sponsors Rickover Science Institute- renamed Research Science Institute.