Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

Chien Luan Li

From: Tianjin

Class Year: 1908

Phillips Academy Department: Scientific

College: Lafayette College 1908-1909

Prev. School: Anglo-Chinese School; Harvard Sumer Session; Amherst High

Attended: Nov 16, 1906-June 17, 1908

Department: Scientific Dept.

Dorm: Mrs. Newton Junior Year

Bartlet 5 Junior Middler Year

Graduated: Left, course incomplete 1910

Sex: Male

Father: Chen Kwang Li (Letter of introduction gives father as Cheng Kang Li, Chief Engineer. Pei Yang Mint)

Guardian: Dr. Stearns and CD Tenney

1922 address: Board of Agriculture and Forestry, Peking

1937 address: C/O Gen. Chang Hsu-Liang, Mukden

Served on management committee for "Alliance for Chinese Students Conference at PA 1907

Letter from C.D.Tenny to Dr. Stearns on Chien Luan Li, Nov.12, 1906