Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

Chi-chuan Yu

Chi Chuan Yu

Nickname: "You"

From: Wonitong St, Changsha, Hunan                                                     .

Prev. School: Dummer Academy (Nov. 10, 1914)

Attended: Oct. 13,1916-June 14, 1918

Classes: Algebra, Archaeology, Chemistry, Plane Geometry, German, Physics, Trig

Activities: Philo Congress

Department: Scientific Department

Dorm: Pease House Upper Year

          Clement 5 repear Upper Year

Graduated: Non-returning middler

Class of: 1919

College: MIT

Career: Education - Fudan University, Chi-Nan Institute

Sex: Male

DOB: August 15, 1898 in Changsha

Father: Zsing-chow Yu

Guardian: TT Wong, Washington, DC

C.C.Yu's Letter to Dr.Stearns, January 15, 1922

Yu told Stearns ". . . the place where I draw most of the inspiration for my life is in Andover and that it is you who have given me that inspiration."

C.C.Yu's Letter to Dr.Stearns, January 15, 1922