Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

Ying Chin Lee

Ying Ching Lee

Nickname: "Tommy'

From:Hong Kong

Class Year: 1919

Phillips Academy Department:classical (junior year), scientific (middler and senior years)

College: Yale

Scholarship: Chinese Educational Mission (1872-1881)

sports: Soccer Captain; Lacross, Gym, Wrestling Team

PREV SCHOOL:St Stephen's College, Hong Kong

ATTENDED:Sept 20,1910-June 12,1914

DEPT: Classical Junior Year; Scientific Middler Years and Senior Year

SPORTS: Soccer Team 3 (Capt soccer Team 1913), Lacrosse Team, Gym Team, Wrestling Team

DORM: Miss Brown Junior Year

            Eaton 6 Junior Middler Year

            Eaton 7 Middler year

            Eaton 3 Senior Year





DOB:July 4,1888 in Hong Kong

FATHER:Chuck S. Lee

GUARDIAN:Dr. Stearns

MISC: Spent 1927Christmas vacation in New York City

Played on the soccer team at the "12th Conference of Chinese

Students' at PA, Aug 24- Sept 2,1919

1922 ADDRESS:2 High Street, Hong Kong