Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

Arthur Kwang I Sun

Arthur Sun Arthur Sun PL archive

Phi Lambda Boston group picture at MIT in 1923. Credit: Phi Lamda archive

From: 222 Davenport Rd, Tientsin

Prev. School: Tsing Hua College, Peking

Attended: Sept. 26, 1920-June 17,1921

Dept: Scientific Department

Classes: Drawing, English 4, French 1 and 2, Solid and Plane Geometry, Physics, Trigonometry

Dorm: Lived with Dr. Alfred Stearns in Samaritan House

Class of: 1921

Graduated: 1921

College: MIT

Career: Government, Shanghai Waterworks Company

Sex: Male

DOB: April 18,1900, in Nanking

Life: 1900-1974

Father: Chung Ying Sun

Guardian: Dr. Alfred Stearns

1937 address: 44 Cambridge Rd, Tientsin

1958 address: White Plains, NY (working in government)

MISC: The oldest of the 4 Sun siblings who came to US in 1920, sent specifically to Dr. Stearns. See transcript of notes taken from letters to and from Arthur, Dr. Stearns, and Mr. Sun in the Appendix.

One of the earliest member of the Boston chapter of the Phi Lambda fraternity. Son Cedric was the first husband of Genevieve Young, who together with her sister Shirley and Frances (wife of Oscar Tang) all went to Abbott. 

Brother of Charlie ('25), Thomas ('27) and Mary Sun. ('AA 26)