Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

William Ke Chiu Yuan

Chinese Name: 袁克玖

From: 114 Taku Road, Tianjin, Chili, China

Class Year:1925

Father: Yuan Shi Kai (Chinese president from 1912-1916)

Phillips Academy Department: Classical (Junior and Lower years); Scientific (Upper Year)

Prev. School: Private tutor

Attended: Sept. 13, 1921 - June 13, 1924

Dept: Classical Dept. Junior and Lower Year, Scientific Dept. Upper Year

Dorm: Churchill 3 Junior Year, Taylor 2 Lower Year, Taylor 4 Upper Year

Graduated:Left, course incomplete 1925

Sex: Male

DOB: February 10, 1905

Mother: Mrs. Shih Kai Yuan

1932 address: Tientsin Cement Factory

Guardian: Prof. Everett Skillings, Middlebury, VT

He was the son of the late Yuan Shih-K'ai, President of Chinese Republic; brother of Thomas ‘28 and Henry '25.