Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

Thomas Kwang Jwe Sun

Thomas Sun

Chinese Name: 孫廣誌/孙广志

From: 44 Cambridge Rd, Tianjin

Date of Birth: July 4, 1908

Attended: September 13, 1921-June 18, 1926

Prev. School: Stowe Grammar School, Andover

Class Year: 1927

Phillips Academy Department: non returning middler, was sent to Stearns School

Sports: Winning Club Soccer 1921, Club Wrestling 1921

Activities: Glee Club 22-25, Choir 22-25, Mandolin 23-25

College: Middlebury College, Yale University

Father: Chungying Sun (Chun Yung Sun)

Career: Administration (Kailan Mining Administration in Tongshan in 1932); Insurance (China Insurance Co. 1937-47)

Dorm: lived with Dr. Stearns at Samaritan house until his last 2 years in Andover

          Abbot 14 Upper Year; Johnson 1 repeat Upper Year

Classes: Algebra; French 1,2,3; Public Speaking; Trig 2; Solid/Plane Geometry; Eng 1-3

Sports: Winning Club Soccer '21; Club Wrestling '21

Glee Club 22-25; Choir 22-25; Mandolin 23-25

Graduated: Non-returning Middler 1927

College: Middlebury (Delta Upsilon; varsity football)

Career: Mining Administration; Insurance

Sex: Male

Father: Chung Ying Sun                                                   .

Dr. Stearns

MISC: Kalian Mining Administration in Tongshan in 1932; China Insurance Co. 1937-47

Youngest of four Sun siblings sent to Dr. Stearns; brother of Arthur PA 1921, Charlie PA 1925, Mary Abbot Academy 1926