Chinese Students at Andover Project

Site built by Xiao Li, Ph.D. in 2021

Project director: Paige Roberts, Ph.D., Director of Archives & Special Collections, Phillips Academy

Project based on research by Sue Hess in 1990-1991 (funded by the Abbot Academy Association)

Initial inspiration and work in 2016-2017: Emma Teng, T.T. and Wei Fong Chao Professor of Asian Civilizations & History Faculty, MIT, and Adrienne Zhang, Phillips Academy class of 2018.

Students in the senior elective “Silences & Gaps": the Record of Chinese Students in the Phillips Academy Archives” co-taught by Paige Roberts; Hijoo Son, Ph.D., former History instructor, Phillips Academy; Nicholas Zufelt, Ph.D., Computer Science instructor, Phillips Academy

    Fall 2019 (all class of 2020): Sophie Huang, Olivia Lai, Zhiyuan (Skylar) Xu, Tyler Yung, William Yung, Jillianne Zhang

    Fall 2020 (all class of 2021): Ethan Chan, Thanavich (Harry) Chanpaiboonrat, Ben Fu, George Hsieh, Amy Jiang, Reimi Kusaka, Bridget Santos, Tyler Wei

Frank Zhou, Phillips Academy class of 2022, Community and Multicultural Development (CAMD) Scholar in 2021-2022: “'Make a Christian Out of Him': Muscular Christian Education and Twentieth-Century Chinese Students at Phillips Academy”

Fred Jordan, Phillips Academy class of 1973, supported Frank Zhou’s work on Phillips Academy as a Protestant school during the early 20th century

Corrie Martin, English instructor, and Lilia Cai-Hurteau, Ph.D., Chinese instructor, Phillips Academy

Ellen Sullivan, Office of Academy Resources, Phillips Academy

David Dinelli, Phillips Academy Office of Information Technology, who set up the Omeka server

Generous funding provided by the Abbot Academy Fund and an anonymous donor.

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