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Ting Kai Liang

Ting Kai Liang Ting Kai Liang

soccer team 1917

Ting Kai Liang

Ting Kai Liang's enrollment certificate (source: Academia Sinica Digital Archive)

Chinese Name: 梁定薊

From: 11 Robinson Road, Hong Kong

Prev. School: Army & Navy Preparatory, Washington, DC

Attended: Sept 18,1917- June 14,1918

Dept: Scientific Department

Dorm: Miss Carter's and Taylor 28

          Archaeology, Drawing, English, Solid Geometry, Physics, Trignonmetry

Sports: Varsity Soccer

Graduated: Left, course incomplete

Class of: 1918

College: MIT                       .

Sex: Male

DOB: February 22, 1898 in Peking

Died: 1968

Father: Shih Yi Liang, Bank of Communication

Guardian: Heaying Liang (sister), Vassar College, Poughkeepsie

MISC: "Excused June 13, 1918 to catch boat for China at Vancouver, BC" PRC, brother in law of Hin Fun Yung. Served as supervisor Bank of Communications, Canton branch manager of Shanghai Commercial Bank and Hong Kong manager of China Travel Services.