Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

Yi Gu


"Hard work is surely one indis- pensible element of success, but more important is your ef­fective distribution of time."

From: Bldg 2, Haidan District, 7 Minzu Xueyuan Nanlu, #263, Beijing, PRC

Attended: 1986-87,87-88

Cluster: WQS

Dorm: Taylor East 6 Senior Year

          Taylor East 5 Second Senior Year

Sports: Ping Pong Team; Indoor/Outdoor Track

Graduated: 1988

Awards: Special Mention for Distinguishe Scholarship during the Senior Year in Chemistry and Mathematics

Class of: 1988

College: Harvard

Sex: Male

Brother of Yu Gu (PA'90)

Taught Fractiles in PA 1990 Summer Session