Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

John Louis Soong Jr.

John Louis Soong

Chinese Name: 宋賢慶/宋贤庆

Nickname: "D.H.K.", "Dino"

From: 8 Mt. Cameron Road, Hong Kong King

Prev. School: George V School, HK, '57-'59 Stearns House

Attended: Sept, 14,1959-June 1963

Activities: Mirror 2,3,4; Circulation Mgr. Mirror 2; Assist. Business Mgr Mirror 2; Phillips Society 1, 2,3,4; Camera Club 2,3; Rifle Club 1,2; Asia Society 2,3; Student Congress 3

Sports: JV Wlinter Track 2,3,4; JV Spring Track 2,3 1963

Awards: Second Honor Roll (7 terms) Cum Laude

Class of: 1963

College: Princeton AB 1967 Doctor - Radiology

Sex: Male

DOB: Sept. 9,1945 at Queming, China (US citizen)

Family: married Susan Mau, whose father is the founder of democratic party in Haiwaii and the judge Chuck Mau (毛澤)

Father: John Louis Soong, 宋啟鄖, 1918-2008, head of Mobil Oil in Hong Kong