Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

Kenneth Kee Hoi Chun

Kenneth Kee-Hoi Chun

Chinese Name: 陳其海/陈其海

From: 398 Kiangse Rd, Shanghai

Prev. School: Private lessons '40

lolani School Feb - June, '41

Attended: Sept 8, 1941 - June 9,1944

Classes: English, German 1 and 2, Math, Spanish 1,2, and 3, History, Physics, Art, Language Training

Sports: Winning Club Soccer '41

Varsity Tennis '42

Varsity Tennis and Soccer '43

Varsity Tennis and Wrestling '44

Extra-Curr: Philo, Assistant Housemaster '42-'43,0BX

Dorm: Rockwell 6 Junior Year and Summer Session '42

          Benner 3 Upper Year and Summer Session '43

          Foxcroft 12 Senior Year

Class of: 1944

Graduated: 1944

College: Harvard, AB degree 1948

Career: Insurance

Sex: Male

DOB: July 11,1925

Father: Bing Him Chun, salesman, 398 Kiangse Rd, Shanghai

Guardian: Ki Chun, Cambridge

In Shanghai in 1958

Alumni Rep in Hong Kong 1963-66 

in 1990s in New Jersey