Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

Shin Cho Luk


Class Year: 1912

Phillips Academy Department:scientific

College: University of Indiana

Prev. School: Stearns School, Mont Vernon, NH

Attended: Sept 16 - Dec 16, 1908; Sept 15, 1909 - June 14, 1991

Dept: Scientific Department

Classes: Algebra, English Lit, and French Authors Junior Year

              Algebra, English, French Authors, and Plane Geometry Lower Year

              Algebra, Drawing, English, French, Plane Geometry and Physics Upper Year

Dorm: Churchill 2 Junior Year

           Woods 3 Middler Year

Graduated: Non-returning middler 1912

Sex: Male

Father: Yuen Ching Luk

Guardian: Dr. Stearns and Mrs. A. H. Hall

1937 address: C/O Mow Shun Co., Tang Shan, No. China via Tientsin