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Ying Fo Woo

Woo Ying Fo (吳應科 Wu Yingke), Age 18, Connecticut, circa 1877

Ying Fo Woo, Age 18, Connecticut, circa 1877 (source: LaFargue Papers)

Chinese Name:吴应科/吳應科

From: Hui Cheng, Guangdong Province

Class Year:1880

Phillips Academy Department:English

College: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (one year)

Scholarship: Chinese Educational Mission (1872-1881)

Career: naval admiral, minister of transportation

Sex: Male

Life timeline (source:CEM Connections)

After training transferred to Beiyang Squadron.  For academic merit given 5th rank military award 积功赏五品军功 and conferred the bazong 把总 (the 7a military rank).

1889: Promoted to dafu of flag ship 督隊船大副 and 3 years later to youji 游击.

1894: Flag Lieutenant to Admiral Ding Ruchang 丁汝昌 on battleship Ting Yuen 定遠 at Battle of Yalu River, 17 September.

1895: After the War the decimated Beiyang Squadron and its officers were disbanded.

1899: Woo was redeployed by the Government to other duties.

1901-1905: Put in charge of the shipyard of Kiangnan Arsenal, Shanghai. 1905-1908: After reorganization of the shipyard as the Kiangnan Shipyard 江南船坞 Woo was appointed its Director.

1902 Feb. 26: appointed First Interpreter to Special Embassy, headed by Prince Tsai Chen (Zaizhen) 载振, to coronation of King Edward VII in June.

1908: Admiral of cruiser squadron. Vice Admiral of the Navy.  Director of Beijing Telegraph Administration. Chief Auditor of Board of Communications.

1911: April, attached to the naval mission to attend the Coronation of King George V in June on the cruiser Hai-chi 海圻 commanded by Rear Admiral Cheng Biguang 程璧光.  The Hai-chi sailed on a world tour, the first Chinese warship to do so.  While en route home, learning of the success of the 1911 uprising, Cheng and the whole crew pledged loyalty to the Revolution and transferred their service to the new Republic.

Post-1911: Minister of Communications, then Admiral under Yuan Shikai 袁世凯.  Advisor to President Li Yuanhong 黎元洪.

1916: Retired.