Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

Hing Sung Mok

Hing Sung Mok Hing Sung Mok Soccer 1918

soccer team 1918

Chinese Name: 莫慶淞/莫庆淞

Nickname: "Chinny"

From: 37 Caine Road, Hong Kong

Class Year: 1919

Phillips Academy Department: classical

College: Dartmouth College

Left in 1919, Varisty soccer, class track: Otis prize

Prev. School: Dulwich College, W. Dulwich, England

Attended: Feb. 19,1917-June 13,1919

Dorm: Clement 7 Lower and Upper Years

           Bartlet 28 Senior Year

Sports: Varsity Soccer 1917,18; Class Track 1918

Graduated: ? 1919; PRC says "Left, course incomplete)

Awards: June 10,1919 awarded the Otis Prize

College: Dartmouth

Sex: Male

Mother: Mrs. Kon Sang Mok

Guardian: Dr. Stearns and Mrs. W.L. Wei, Cambridge (sister)

1937 address: "Fairview" Conduit Rd, Hong Kong

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