Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

Liz Y. Han

Chinese Name:韩晔/韓曄

From: Shanghai

Prev. School: Doherty Middle School, Andover

Attended: 1989-90; 90-91; 91-92; 92-93

Cluster: ABB

Dorm: Double Brick House

Sports: JV Swimming

Phillipian, Back Tracks, Math Club, VideoYearbook. AA Club

Graduated: 1993

Awards: Cum Laude Society

Dalton Prize in Chemistry

Special Mention for Distinguished Scholarship during the Senior Year in Chinese

Class of: 1993

College: Boston University, Medical Program

Sex: Female

Parents: Yuan Han, Chair of Chinese Dept, &CY Huang, math instructor

Sister of Xiao Han (Joy) PA '89