Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

Antung Kung

Chinese Name: 龔安東/龚安东

From: 1 Tongshan Road, Shanghai

Class Year:1923

Phillips Academy Department:scientific

PREV. School: Midhurst College, Shanghai

ATTENDED: Sept. 29,1920-June 17,1921

DEPT: Scientific Dept.        

DORM:lived with Dr. Stearns Lower Year

GRADUATED:Left, course incomplete



DOB:June 10,1903

FATHER:Sing Ming Kung, Ph.D.

GUARDIAN: Dr. A. Stearns

Brother of Antung (’19)

From letters: "had tragic accident...untimely death..." Antung returned to China with the body "Drowned during the summer of 1921" according to Permanent Record Card