Student Profiles/学生档案/學生檔案

Kuo Pao Tsai

Chinese Name: 蔡國葆/蔡国葆

From:5 Race Course Rd, Tianjin

Class Year:1910

Phillips Academy Department:scientific

College: MIT

Father: Tsai Shou Kee(蔡绍基), a Chinese Educational Mission graduate

Career: Manager of Pacific Trading Co, Hankow 1920

Prev. School: Anglo-Chinese

Attended: Sept. 20, 1906 - June 23, 1909

Classes: 1st Year: Algebra, Englsih, French, German

             2nd Year: Physiology, Algebra, Botany, English, French, Geometry, German

             3rd Year: Trig, Physics, US History, Algebra, Drawing, German

Dorm: Bartlet 1 Junior Middler Year

           Bartlet 5 first Middler Year

           Bartlet 14 second Middler Year

Graduated: Non-returning Middler

Class of: 1910

College: MIT

Career: Manager of Pacific Trading Co, Hankow, 1920

SEX: Male

DOB: August 28, 1891

Father: Shou Kie Tsai (CEM 1872)

Guardian: Charles Tenney, Cambridge, Mass.

MISC: Brother of Tsai Kuo Tsao '09 and Tsai Kuo Fong ‘24

Married to Miss Kuei-lau Chun May 9, 1920; daughter Edith born 1921

brother of Kuo Fong Tsai PA 1924, Kuo Tsao Tsai PA 1909

1922 address: 5 Race Course Rd, Tientsin (same in 1937)