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Sinley Kong Yuen Chang

Sinley Kong Yuen Chang Sinley Chang Chinese Bio

Chang's Chinese Bio

Sinley Chang Chinese Bio

Name Variation: Sinley Kang Yuan Zhang (current pinyin romanization)

Chinese Name: 张星联/張星聯

From: 556 Park Road, Shanghai

Class Year: 1922

Phillips Academy Department:classical

College: Yale BA 1925, Columbia MA 1925, George Washington University 1950-1952

Career: professor, consultant, translator

Prev School: St. John's University, Prep. Dept.

Attended: October 6,1919-June 17,1921

Dept: Classical Dept.

Classes: English, French 1 and 3, Geometry, German 1, Latin 1, Physics, Algebra

Dorm: 1919-20-Clement 13

           1920-21 - Abbot 4

Graduated: Non-returning Middler 1922

College: Yale, B.A. in Political Science 1925

Columbia, M.A. 1926

George Washington University 1950-52

Sex: Male

DOB: February 19,1902, in Shanghai

Died: 1986 in China

Father: Shou Yong Zhang, President of Guanghua University 1924-25 and Ministry of Finance

Guardian: Fuhan H. Chen, New York City, and Dr. Alfred Stearns

In 1926, returned to China; married Li Peifen, sister of Tsu Yung Lee (PA '24). They had two sons, Zhang Yuanyi and Zhang Qinnan

Pre-1949: professor in Dept of Politics in Shanghai Guanghua University

1949-50: Co-manager of Hong Kong Yong-hua Movie Company

1950-52: GWU, Washington, D.C.

1952-82: Foreign Language Publishing Co, Beijing1982-86: worked as a translator in his retirement 1937 address: 9 Lane 1400 Avenue Road, Shanghai

Sinley Chang Chinese Bio Sinley Chang Chinese Bio