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Handwritten letter from [Tuyin] Chang sent to Dr. Stearns about the friendship between the two. Admires Stearns' interest in China and hopes that interest will continue. Hopes that China will continue to stand for fair and square dealings like the…

Handwritten letter from Arthur Sun to Mr. Stearns about his time at M.I.T. States he is currently halfway through exams. States he and Frank would like to spend vacation at Andover and will come as soon as possible. States they will return…

Handwritten letter sent from C.C. Yu to Dr. Stearns. Thanks Stearns for the help and care before coming to Dummer Academy. Explains life at the academy is enjoyable and the work isn't too challenging, but enough to stay busy. Explains he is glad…

Typed letter from C.C. Yu sent to Dr. Stearns about his attempts to find the Kung family. Explains he has written to Dr. Sing Ming Kung and received no answer. Traveled to the address given in the previous letter on Tong Shan Road, but couldn't…

Typed letter from C.Y. Sun sent to Dr. Stearns. Included a letter sent and opened by mistake. Sent gifts to Stearns, Miss Clemons, and Miss Marjorie Stearns for Christmas. Sent two coats for his daughter Mary. Includes a consular invoice and bill…
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