Letter from C.C. Yu to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, July 8, 1922


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Letter from C.C. Yu to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, July 8, 1922


Letter from C.C. Yu to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, July 8, 1922


Typed letter from C.C. Yu sent to Dr. Stearns about his attempts to find the Kung family. Explains he has written to Dr. Sing Ming Kung and received no answer. Traveled to the address given in the previous letter on Tong Shan Road, but couldn't find the address. States he knows An Tung and while a careless person, it is not right to keep his silence after leaving Andover. Explains that he has been busy with examinations and preparing for a trip home to do more. States he will continue the search in 2 months after his trip. Hopes that Stearns will hear from the family in the mean time. States he will be teaching at Fuh Tan University and Chi-Nan Institute in the next year.


Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, Principal,
Phillips Andover Academy,
Andover, Mass., U. S. A.

My dear Dr. Stearns:
Your kind letter dated March 2 has been received long ago. Had it not been for the fact that I have been trying to find out what has been the matter with the Kung's family, of which matter you have given me a good detailed account, and about which you have asked me; I should have answered you earlier. I have written once to Dr. Sing Ming Kung asking for an explanation of this matter; but there has been no answer. Then I went to Tong Shan Road, trying to find the house as you have given me in your letter. However, I could not find it, although I have quite a few friends living on that same street. I was trying to go over there again. But recently I have been very busy with the examination papers at the closing of the different schools. Then I shall also take a trip to my native city Changsha in the inland part of China, and I have been busy with the preparation for this trip. I am going to start tonight from Shanghai, and shall be back in two months time. Evidently I shall not be able to go again to find the kung’s family before my departure from here. However, I assure that as soon as I get back, I shall try my best to locate them. I know An Tung personally to some extent; this boy is rather careless in many of his actions. It is by no means right for him to keep silence after his departure from Andover. You have been only too kind to them brothers, just as you have always been to all the Chinese students with whom you happen to come into contact. He should know your anxiety for them. I really do not understand what has been the matter with them. I hope, however, that you might have heard from them by this time in seme way or other. Please let me know whether you have heard from them at all in the interval since you wrote me. In the meantime, I shall keep this matter in mind all the time. I am wondering, also, how much altogether does the family owe you.

Regarding myself, I should say I have not made very much progress in the last year. I am still in the educational field although I prefer much to enter into diplomatic service. I taught in three different schools last year, and the work has been satisfactory so far. For next year I shall teach in Fuh Tan University and Chi-Nan Institute. As I said before, I shall be back to Shanghai before the end of August for next year's work.I hope to write you in more details and with better news later on.

Assuring you of my sincerest wish for the prosperity of the school and the success of your own work.

Very sincerely yours,


C.C. Yu


Phillips Academy


July 8, 1922


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