Letter from C.Y. Sun to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns


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Letter from C.Y. Sun to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns


Letter from C.Y. Sun to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns


Typed letter from C.Y. Sun sent to Dr. Stearns. Included a letter sent and opened by mistake. Sent gifts to Stearns, Miss Clemons, and Miss Marjorie Stearns for Christmas. Sent two coats for his daughter Mary. Includes a consular invoice and bill of lading for the articles. Inquires about his children's progress, stating personal observations provides better information than a report. Plans to write Stearns in the future. States he is currently on relief campaign to Chekiang flood sufferers. Postscript adds that coats are from Chien Lung dynasty and being over 100 years old, are not dutiable.


Shanghai, November 28, 1922.
Dr. Alfred E. Stearns,
Phillips Academy,
Andover Mass.

My Dear Dr. Stearns,

Enclosed please find a letter addressed to me by mistake and inadvertently opened.

I am forwarding one cloisonne desk set and one cloisonne smoking set for you, an embroidered coat for Miss Clemons and a fur coat for Miss Marjorie Stearns, which I hope you will accept with best wishes for a very merry Christmas. The other two embroidered coats are for my daughter Mary. I am also enclosing with this letter a Consular invoice and bill of lading for these articles.

I wonder if you would be kind enough, when you have the leisure, to let me know your personal opinion of my childrens’ progress and personality; for I feel that I can gain a much better idea of their progress and development from hearing the result of your personal observations than from an ordinary report.

Just now I am very busy on a Campaign in Shanghai for one million dollars to relieve the Chekiang flood sufferers, but I hope to have time to write you more at length shortly.

With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,

P. S. The aforementioned coats are of the Chien Lung dynasty, over a hundred years old, and as such should not be dutiable.


C.Y. Sun


Phillips Academy


November 28, 1922


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