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Typed letter from J.E. Bennet to Alfred E. Stearns concerning the reputation of Tsu Yung Lee as a student at Phillips Academy. Also addresses the recent scholarship improvement at the fraternity.

Handwritten letter from A.F. Rivard to Miss Jones thanking her for her help with securing them with the address of T.Y. Lee, who had an outstanding bill.

Handwritten letter from A.F. Rivard to Dr. Stearns informing him that he has an outstanding balance for T.Y. Lee, a Chinese student of Phillips Academy in 1921. States that he has received no reply from the New York address on file for T.Y. Lee and…

Typed letter from C.T. Chu to Phillips Academy in reference to the reservation of a room for T.Y. Lee. Informs Phillips Academy that he cannot yet sign the contract until he is sure that Lee will be in Andover the coming year and receives assurances…

Typed letter from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to T.Y. Lee informing Lee of the receipt of his recent letter and the joy in meeting so shortly. Holds off on further updates as they are to meet so soon.

Typed letter from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to Shih Ching Lee informing him of the receipt of his gift, a Chinese scroll painting, which Stearns greatly appreciates. Informs Lee that his son is a very satisfactory student at Phillips Academy.

Typed letter from T.F. Lee to Dr. E.S. Stern informing him that C.T. Chu has been placed in care of his cousin, T.Y. Lee, and requests that Stern send him a copy of Lee's scholastic record.

Typed letter from the assistant to the principal of Phillips Academy to C.T. Chu informing him that due to admissions constraints, they can only hold a room for Mr. Lee for a limited amount of time, and that a decision would need to be reached…

Telegram from Tsu Yung Lee to Dr. A.E. Stearns announcing that he will be back in the states in six days and will either be attending the Stearns School or another tutoring school. Plans on attending Amherst next year. Asks Stearns for a…
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