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Typed copy of letter sent from Sun Kum Fong to J.H. Pillsbury. Prefers son, Sun Fayuen, to stay with Pillsbury for the summer.

Typed letter sent from J.H. Pillsbury to Alfred E. Stearns. Recevied letter from Mr. Sun, Fayuen's father. Sent copy of letter. Asks Stearns if Sun shoud stay at Waban or return to Andover. Provides cost of room if Sun stays.

Typed letter sent from J.H. Pillsbury, principal of Waban school to Alfred E. Stearns. States Sun is not willing to go to summer camp, despite his father's decision. Unable to convince Sun to go. States it is up to Stearns and Mrs. Hall. Will not…

Typed letter sent from Alfred E. Stearns to principal J.H. Pillsbury. Is not surprised by the change in Fayuen Sun's plan. Explains past Chinese students have changed plans previously agreed on. States orders from Mrs. Hall or himself won't change…
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