Letter from J.H. Pillsbury to Alfred E. Stearns, June 15, 1910


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Letter from J.H. Pillsbury to Alfred E. Stearns, June 15, 1910


Letter from J.H. Pillsbury to Alfred E. Stearns, June 15, 1910


Typed letter sent from J.H. Pillsbury, principal of Waban school to Alfred E. Stearns. States Sun is not willing to go to summer camp, despite his father's decision. Unable to convince Sun to go. States it is up to Stearns and Mrs. Hall. Will not attend camp until after convention. Plans to take first half of summer vacation to recover from winter illness.


June 15, 1910

My dear Mr. steams:

Your message from some one over the telephone I could not catch the name, was duly received, saying that you were quite willing for Sun to go to the camp, but Sun is not willing. His father has, I presume, heard what is going among the Chinese boys, that Sun’s summer doings are not very profitable for him, hence the letter to me, but I am powerless to do anything about it since Sun does not want to go and is not within my reach. The responsibility therefore will have to be thrown entirely upon you and Mrs. Hall. I shall write to Mr. Sun stating the case and he can communicate with you if he wishes to give any more explicit orders, or you can do whatever you please.

I shall not go down to the camp until after the Convention. By that time you may possibly hear further from Mr. Sun. The number at the camp this summer will be very small and probably would be altogether too tame for Sun.

I have found myself so poorly recovered from my sickness in the winter that I have decided to take the first portion of the vacation for rest and have postponed going to the sea-shore until the middle of July.

Awaiting any communication you may have to give me I am

Principal A. E. Stearns,


J.H. Pillsbury


Phillips Academy


June 15, 1910


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