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Handwritten letter from Tsuyung Lee to Dr.Stearns about his experiences after leaving Andover. Had a good time visiting home in China, though it took some time for him to readjust to Chinese customs and manners. Expresses shame for not doing better…

Handwritten letter from Toug Kaison to Dr. Stearns about a parcel containing gifts. Contains an embroidered shawl and blouse from Mr. Sun, father of the 2 Sun boys. Gifted to Stearns for his treatment of Sun's children. Also contains 2 pieces of…

Typed letter from Tom Sun in Shanghai sent to Dr. Stearns. States the tardiness in his response to Stearns' previous letter is due to an inspection tour for his company, China Insurance Company, Limited, in Indo-China. States that it has been years…

I5th, December, 1937

My dear Mr. and Mrs. Stearns

I have before me two letters from you which touch me deeply by its kindness. I hesitate to remark on them because I feel that it is beyond my ability to put down in words my feeling of…

Handwritten letter from Tommy Lee sent to Dr. Stearns. Explains he is in New York City visiting friends for Christmas. Sent a separate packet which contains Chinese tobacco for Stearns' 'water pipe'. Included paper rolls to save matches. …

Typed letter from Sinley K.Y. Chang to Dr. Stearns about contacting the family of a recently deceased Andover student, An John. Located the student's family during a visit home to China. Explained to Mr. Kung, the father the circumstances after the…

Handwritten letter from S.M. Kung to Dr. Stearns about a matter mentioned in a previous letter. States he has seen Mr. Sinley K.Y. Chang. States Chang has explained the matter. Asked Chang to explain the matter to Stearns.
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