Letter From Tom Sun to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, December 25, 1937


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Letter From Tom Sun to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, December 25, 1937


Letter From Tom Sun to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, December 25, 1937


25th December, 1937

My dear Dr. and Mrs. Stearns,

It is appropriate that I should write you on this day to convey to you the greetings of the season from My Father's entire family. This day is a significant one especially for those of us who had in years past shared the joys and happiness that only Christmas can imply. Those gatherings on Christmas Eve on Chapel Avenue have always lingered in my memory and now return most vividly. Such treasured recollection reminds us of the spirit of Yuletide, and, therefore, even years afterwards from across the sea this spirit is again alive in bidding you a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.

Father wrote me some time ago instructing me to make a purchase of a worthy gift for you for this occasion. The lateness of this letter and the dispatch of the gift under separate cover is due to the disturbed conditions in China with its consequential effects on the smooth functioning of postal services. I have chosen four pieces of silk embroidery which represent the finest of Chinese art, and your acceptance is solicitated as an expression of the esteem and appreciation held for you by my Father and his entire family. He wishes to be remembered to you most cordially and will write you separately from Tientsin bidding you good health and happiness.

My Father regrets for not being able to send you the gift himself and apologizes sincerely. As you can appreciate Tientsin has been beleaguered for some months and nothing worthy of the yule-tise season can be bought in that port. Therefore, he deputizes me the honor which I hope will not belittle his sincerity. 
Christmas in China finds us under difficult circumstances. It is, however, gratifying to feel that you are enjoying the season under conditions ideally suited for the festivities.

My Father can not let this year pass without some reflections of its doings and undoings. In general fortune has been kind to his family, but even this blessing in the midst of disturbance is far from the desirable condition under which well intentioned people hopes to live. His Health has been,on the whole, good and is enjoying unusual vigor for a man of his age. He had sold his house on Hongkong Road and is now living at his new address at 103 Wellington Road, Tientsin. By next spring, should circumstances permit, he even hopes to migrate to the south, his birth-place. Arthur is still in Shanghai. His family is again visited by fate in the form of the loss of another son. He has one now. Mary is still in Peiping. As for myself, I am, as you can see, still in Shanghai in my old position.

Those of us who owe you so much hopes that this coming year will bring you an additional measure of happiness and good health. My Father feels certain that your well-earned rest is a source of joy and contentment to you when you can devote your time to the welfare of those less fortunate. He wishes you long life and happiness and strength and that the future be one of abundance and plenty. Arthur, Mary, and myself join him in sending to you and Mrs. Stearns our heart-felt greetings of the Season.

Most sincerely yours


Tom Sun


Phillips Academy


December 25, 1937


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