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Handwritten letter from Mary Sun sent to Mr. Stearns about her daily activities at the Northfield Seminary. Thanks Mr. Stearns for gift of 10 dollars. Takes a walk every day to make a 'point' which takes 40 minutes. Explains some days she has to…

Handwritten letter from Mary Sun to Mr. Stearns about her time at Northfield Seminary. Thanks Stearns for money sent in the previous letter. States she received a letter from the Chinese Students' Christian Association stating she needs to send 2…

Handwritten letter from Mary Sun sent to Mr. Stearns. Request Mr. Stearns write Miss Clemons on behalf of Marjorie. Explains Marjorie has not heard from Miss Clemons for awhile and is worried she did something wrong. Asks if Miss Clemons is busy…

Handwritten letter from Quincy Queen Shan Sheh to Mr. Stearns about school events. Visited Professor Burnett after arriving. Taking English, French, Government, Hygiene, and Greek and having difficulty with Greek. Describes events freshmen…

Typed registered letter from S.H. Kan of the Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company to Dr. Stearns, sent on behalf of Miss Kung. Contains a package, which was opened by the Custom House Inspector

Typed letter from S.H. Lin sent to Dr. Stearns about the receipt of 3 gift packages containing 2 long chairs and 4 arm chairs. Requests Stearns make arrangments for delivery at Boston. Requests 1 long chair and 2 arm chairs be forwarded to Miss…

Handwritten letter from S.M. Kung to Dr. Stearns about a matter mentioned in a previous letter. States he has seen Mr. Sinley K.Y. Chang. States Chang has explained the matter. Asked Chang to explain the matter to Stearns.

Typed letter from Sinley K.Y. Chang to Dr. Stearns about contacting the family of a recently deceased Andover student, An John. Located the student's family during a visit home to China. Explained to Mr. Kung, the father the circumstances after the…
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