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Typed letter sent from Neil McMillan Jr. to Alfred E. Stearns. Thanks Stearns for remittance for L.C. Sun's subscription.

Typed letter sent from Alfred E. Stearns to Fayuen Sun asking Sun to forward Thomas Lee's trunk to West Stewartstown, New Hampshire.

Typed letter sent from Alfred E. Stearns to Doctor E.A. Eastman. Asks for itemized bill. Asks if bill is for Lun Cho Sun or brother Fayuen Sun. Was unaware of bill. States both boys were told no bills to be contracted without Stearns' knowledge or…

Handwritten letter sent from Dr. E.A. Eastman to Alfred E. Stearns. Request check for $115 for work done for Sun Fayuen in April. States bill was to be paid in April but hasn't received money.

Typed letter sent from J.H. Pillsbury, principal of Waban School, to Alfred E. Stearns. Told by Sun Fayuen that Sun expected to return the coming year.

Handwritten letter from Sun Fayuen to Alfred E. Stearns. Borrowed money from friends for conference. Requests $50 to repay friends and cover summer expenses.

Typed letter sent from Alfred E. Stearns to Sun Fayuen. States Sun did not take entrance examinations in June and will have to take examinations in fall. Hopes Sun is successful in gaining admission. Will look into reserving room.

Handwritten letter sent from Sun Fayuen to Alfred E. Stearns. Wishes to attend Andover in the fall as a junior middle class. Requests room.

Typed letter sent from Alfred E. Stearns to J.H. Pillsbury, principal of Waban School. Received Sun Fayuen's application to Phillips Academy. Does not believe Sun will do well. Spent several years in America without much progress. Wonders if Sun…

Typed letter sent from acting secretary for Dr. Stearns to Sun Fayuen. Explains Stearns is on summer vacation. States Sun's re-admission application will be considered when Stearns returns.
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