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Handwritten letter sent from Z.C. Zia to the registrar of Phillips Academy. Asks for report to be sent to Columbia University.

Typed letter sent from Ralph T. Waltz, secretary to president of Massachusetts Agricultural College, to Alfred E. Stearns. Will sent literature to Mr. Zia.

Typed letter sent from Alfred E. Stearns to Mr. J. Yuan. Sent copy of catalogue on behalf of Mr. Zia. Advises to fill out application form. Offers help to arrange entrance to school.

Typed letter sent from Alfred E. Stearns to Dr. Yung Kwai. Sent room bill for Mr. Zia from Miss Mary Brown. Explains room contracts are made for school year and don't cover vacation periods. States bill is for time Zia spent after close of school…

Typed letter sent from Yung Kwai to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns. Thanks Stearns for sending bill. Explains he allowed Chinese students to look after own expenses after end school. Believed Mr. Zia had settled bills. Received letter from Mr. Ta C. Lu…

Typed letter sent from Alfred E. Stearns to Ralph T. Waltz. States Zia thinks he has all the subjects pursued by the freshman class. Explains Zia does not have botany or agriculture, which is required in fall term, but Zia's catalogue states those…

Handwritten letter sent from Hsu Kim Kwong to Alfred E. Stearns. Finished first year at Princeton and is doing well. Wonders how many from Andover are entering Princeton next year. Communicates with Zia at Columbia and Tong at York. Ask after…
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