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Typed letter sent from William Y.L. Shao to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns. Explains K.Y. Tu returned to Huntington School to finish high school work. Explains his previous bad grades were due to interest in athletics and wide circle of friends. States Mr.…

Shipment contract between Hansen Bros. Traf. Co and Trans-Continental Freight Company to ship 2 packages of K.Y. Tu. Items to be shipped from Seattle, Washington to Andover, Massachusetts. Items includes a box and trunk.

Note from Stearns' secretary sent to H.K. Tu. Enclosed copy of son's account from October 23, 1928 to September 13, 1929.

Note from Stearns' secretary sent to K.Y. Tu. Enclosed copy of account from October 23, 1928 to September 13, 1929.

Note sent from Secretary to Dr. Stearns to K.Y. Tu. Enclosed with check for monthly allowance.

Typed note sent from L.S. Finger to Miss E. Rosamond Greenwood, acknowledging receipt of letter and check for K.Y. Tu.

Draft of telegram sent from Tu to Liut Whang in Admiralty Nanking. States no money and to cable Stearns at Phillips Academy immediately.

Handwritten letter sent from K.Y.Tu to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns. Thanks Stearns for writing Tu's father. Has worked to improve spending habits. Plans to return to Andover. Asks Stearns about a letter sent January 28th, requesting funds.

Report card of Kong Y. Tu given for courses in office management. Updated given for the month of February 1931.

Tuition bill for expenses incurred by K.Y. Tu for the amount of $35.80 and paid May 7, 1926.
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