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P.S. Fang's father asks Dr.Alfred Stearns to return some of tuition and give the money to S.Y.Hu.

Typed letter to Dr. Stearns announcing that they will be coming to Andover to pick up Megata and that they look forward to meeting Dr. Stearns in person at that time.

Receipt to A. E. Stearns dated November 2, 1925. Notes check of $20 sent to K.Y. Tu on October 23.

Typed note left for Dr. Alfred E. Stearns. States Mr. Binnian called. Is unsure of Florida train arrival. Will go to Boston and phone Mrs Chapin, who will telephone the information. Believes service will be at 11 AM.

Deposit slip for the amount of $116, deposited in Dr. Alfred E. Stearns Agent account.

Bill for education expenses incurred by K.Y. Tu for the amount of $61.34. Paid April 22, 1927.

Tuition bill for expenses incurred by K.Y. Tu for the amount of $267.00, paid February 2, 1927.
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