Letter from T.T. Wong to Mr. A.E. Stearns, May 6, 1915


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Letter from T.T. Wong to Mr. A.E. Stearns, May 6, 1915


Letter from T.T. Wong to Mr. A.E. Stearns, May 6, 1915


Typed letter sent from T.T. Wong to Alfred E. Stearns. Apologizes for issue with Fayuen Sun. States the failure is also due to Fayuen's father. Explains Fayuen's father sent money directly in addition to the $80 monthly allowance. States Fayuen's father authorized the payment of money whenever asked.


May 6, 1915.

Mr. A. E. Stearns,
Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.

My dear Mr. Stearns

I am sorry that Sun Fayuen has given you so much trouble. I will be glad to write to his father and explain the matter to him.

I must say that Fayuen is a failure, partly due to his father’s mistake. When I had charge of him, his father used to send money to him direct, though he received regularly eighty dollars a month for his allowance.

Under the circumstances, I would have done the same thing as you did, for, since his father was so indulgent as to authorize payment of money to him whenever he asked for it, there was no other course open to us.

When Mr. Tong was living, I could make suggestions and things were more satisfactory. Even then I wrote to him on more than one occasion that I would rather not have anything more to do with Fayuen, but I was asked to do the best I could.

I am glad that he is going home and I hope that he has left San Francisco.

With kind regards.


T.T. Wong


Phillips Academy


May 6, 1915


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