Letter from H.K. Tu to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, May 28, 1931


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Letter from H.K. Tu to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, May 28, 1931


Letter from H.K. Tu to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, May 28, 1931


Typed letter sent from Admiral H.K. Tu to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns. Decided Kong should return to China after the end of the school year. States the high exchange makes it too expensive to continue education in America. Thinks Kong may have difficulty adjusting back to life in China. Will assist Kong with career back in China. Enclosed $600 to cost of traveling back. Asks Stearns to purchase railway and steamership rather than giving the money to Kong.


148 Fok Sul Li, Route Joseph Frelupt, Shanghai, May 28th, 1931
Dr. Alfred L. Stearns, Philips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, U. S. A.

My dear Dr. Stearns:

I wish to thank you sincerely for your letter of April 20th enclosing an account of the expenses of my son from September 1929 to April 1931, and for the continual interest you have been taking in Kong.

A careful study of your letter and the report of the Business College about the work of Kong has compelled me to decide that it is the best for Kong to return to China after the closing of the present school term and start work. In view of the high exchange, the cost of educating him in the United States of America is really too much for me to bear. Secondly, Kong has already stayed too long in America that upon his return to China he may not be able to adjust himself to the Chinese environment and Chinese circumstances. Thirdly, while I am still able to help him to obtain a suitable position, he should not miss the opportunity.
I hope that what Kong has learned in the Business College will be of use to him when he earns his own living. When he returns to China I will give him all assistance he needs in his launching into a business career.

According to the account of Kong’s expenses there is still a balance of about $200, and I think he will need perhaps $600 more for the buying of a passage back to China and defraying other expenses prior to his departure for Shanghai. I shall request you further to be good enough to buy the railway and steamership tickets for Kong instead of giving him the lump sum. I am herewith enclosing a draft for $600.

I wish to thank you again for what you have been doing to me in connection with the looking after of the welfare of my son for so long a period of time.

With my best regards.

Yours most sincerely.


H.K. Tu


Phillips Academy


May 28, 1931


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