Letter from H.K. Tu to K.Y. Tu, March 17, 1928


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Letter from H.K. Tu to K.Y. Tu, March 17, 1928


Letter from H.K. Tu to K.Y. Tu, March 17, 1928


Typed letter sent from H.K. Tu to K.Y. Tu. Is glad K.Y. Tu is working to complete high school. Hopes K.Y. works hard and progresses in studies. Hopes K.Y. Tu stays away from bad influences. States China needs men of character during current times. Glad K.Y. Tu is working to be dentist. Advises Tu to focus subjects needed to graduate high school. Explains if working and studying is too much, Tu can request money from Stearns. Traveling to Shanghai in the future.


Tientsin, March 17th, 1928

My dear boy,

I have received your letter of February 14th, and from this I learn that you have left Andover and are now working in Boston a few hours a day and studying at the same time. I am very glad that you are so determined to complete your high school course. Dr. Stearns has written to me to the same effect.

Your appreciation of my efforts to give you a high education highly pleases me. As long as you study hard and make steady progress, you would not constitute a burden to me, for in that case there is always a hope that some day you will complete your school education and become a respectable citizen of the Republic of China, of whom both myself and our relatives would feel proud. Should you fail to make progress in your studies, it is natural that I should worry about your present and especially about your future, for I cannot continue helping you throughout your whole life much as I desire.

In your letter you promised that you would be a worthy son. I am very glad to hear of it. I hope you will live up to my high expectation of you. To my mind there is nothing more worthy for a Chinese boy in America to do than to conduct himself properly and as a gentleman, to refrain from doing anything which will be a disgrace to his parents and his own country, and above all, to study really hard. While being away from Dr. Stearns, I hope you will not associate yourself with persons of questionable character. If the progress in your studies is slow, it may be due to your dullness and you are excusable to certain extent, but in addition, if you should be known not only as a poor student but also a bad student, then a great wrong would be wrought by you upon your family and your country. 

Today China needs able young men, but the men with character are even in greater demand. I hope that while studying as hard as you can you will try to develop your character and become an honest, upright and patriotic man so that upon your return to China you will be able to render full measure of service to the country. So far as the service of a national character is concerned, a dentist can do just as much as a soldier or a high official man. I am very glad that you have taken my idea of having you to be a dentist thoroughly into your head and wish you every success. Before you can learn the profession which I wish you to learn and for which I believe you are suitable, you will however have to finish high school at least. So, in the meantime, confine your attention to the diligent study of all subjects required for graduation from the high school. If you find It difficult to make speedy progress while working and studying at the same time or that your health lo being impaired, then you can apply to Dr.Stearns for financial assistance.

I am going to Shanghai in the near future for a short visit. Should I find it cheaper to live there, I would remove my family from Tientsin to Shanghai. With the coming of the Spring, I hope you will take good care of your health. A good health is an essential factor in the success of any person.

With love.

Your loving father,


H.K. Tu


Phillips Academy


March 17, 1928


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