Letter from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to Mr. K.Y. Tu, January 28, 1927


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Letter from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to Mr. K.Y. Tu, January 28, 1927


Letter from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to Mr. K.Y. Tu, January 28, 1927


Typed letter sent from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to Mr. K.Y. Tu. Passed along message from F.S. Tu, stating youth is the time for studying and once gone, can't be returned. States Tu's father is disappointed in the lack of progress with studies and lack of responsibility concerning finances. Believes Tu has made improvements regarding finance management and communicated this to Tu's father. States Tu won't return to current school next year.


January 28, 1927
Mr. K.Y.Tu
Genesee Wesleyan Seminary
Lima, N.Y.

My dear Tu:

I have just received a letter from your uncle, Mr.F.S.Tu, with the request that I should convey to you this message: “That time once gone will never return, the time for studying, that is in the time of youth, is very short, in comparison with the length of time in manhood, so there is ample time for pleasure, when education and knowledge have been acquired during the days of youth, thereby there will remain nothing to regret in the long days to come.”

Your uncle adds that your father has been mush disappointed in your failure to make greater progress in your studies and in your seeming lack of a sense of responsibility about your financial affairs. I have written your father that in this latter respect I feel that you have shown definite improvement this year, and I earnestly hope that my belief will prove fully justified by a continued improvement in this respect on your part so that I may later assure your father that you are steadily gaining in this as well as in other ways.

One other thing: I am not willing that you should stay at your present school beyond this current year. It is imperative that you should enter by that time a school of higher and more advanced standing, but to carry the harder work successfully it is equally important that you should give your very best endeavors to the work you are now called upon to do.

Very sincerely yours.


Dr. Alfred E. Stearns


Phillips Academy


January 28, 1927


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