Letter from H.K. Tu to Mr. Alfred E. Stearns, December 28, 1926


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Letter from H.K. Tu to Mr. Alfred E. Stearns, December 28, 1926


Letter from H.K. Tu to Mr. Alfred E. Stearns, December 28, 1926


Typed letter sent from H.K. Tu to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns. Is happy the care Stearns provides his son. Hopes son will learn self-reliance. Asks Stearns to encourage son to write more, possibly 2 letters a month.


Tientsin, China, December 28.1926.
Mr. Alfred E. Steams,
Phillips Academy.
Andover, Massachusetts, U. S. A.

My dear Mr. Stearns.

I have received your letter of November 15th and what to thank you most sincerely for the parental interest you have been taking in my son.

I am happy to learn that my son has been doing much better this year along the lines mentioned in your last letter. I am naturally very grateful to you and also to the head of his school who has promised full co-operation in the efforts to make the boy realize the value of money and of education.

I feel certain that my boy will highly appreciate the real friendship you have shown to him, the good advice you have given and the guidance you have been exercising over him when he has to bump himself against the world irrespective of what sentiment he may now entertain towards you.

I am always interested in whatever reports you may take the trouble of sending regarding my boy and hope that you will continue doing your best for him. Be kind enough to impress upon him the necessity to learn self-reliance and the inadvisability of depending too much upon his father especially at a time like the present when there is so much vicissitude in the world.

My son does not write to me often. I shall be obliged if you will ask him to let me hear from him now and then. Distance between us ought not stand in the way of knowing each other’s thoughts end aspirations, if he can cultivate a habit to write me two letters a month, it will be of great benefit to himself as well as it would tend to remove my anxiety about him.

Thanking you again for the valuable service you have been rendering to my boy and hoping that I may hear from you again.

With greetings of the season.


H.K. Tu


Phillips Academy


December 28, 1926


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