Letter from George Ann Lillard to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns


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Letter from George Ann Lillard to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns


Letter from George Ann Lillard to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns


Typed letter from George Ann Lillard to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns about Helen Tsai's attendance at summer camp. Apologizes for delay in response as travel made it difficult to receive letters. Explains he cannot host Helen Tsai in the summer camp as his mother and three of his counselors are unable to help at the camp this summer. Recommends contacting Laura I. Mattoon in Wolfborough N.H., whose camp is well-known.


My dear Mr Stearns;

I am exceedingly sorry to seem so negligent, and to offer a lame and late excuse for leaving your note so long unanswered.

I have been driving about the country, making it difficult for the various postmen to forward mail fast enough to reach me in a reasonable time.

When I arrived here at Camp I was faitly snowed under.

My mother who has been such an important member of our Camp family is unable to be with us this year, this together with the fact that three of my most helpful counselors are in Europe and two others have family problems which makes it impossible for them to be here, have made me to decide against having the girls this summer.

This explains in some degree the delay, as I have been obliged to return reservations and answer those letters first. I wish so much that we might have had the opportunity of having your Chinese ward with us.

I had been to a very charming Japanese scholar in Chicago trying to find a fine type Japanese girl to be with us, and have wanted to bring some girl from the orient into our group.

It would have been a pleasure to have helped in some way.

Miss Laura I.Mattoon of Wolfborough N.H.who is Secretary of the Camp Directors Association and a very interesting person, has an excellent camp of long standing, where a girl would gain some idea of real camping, I believe.

Trusting that you will find the right place,and with real regret that we could not have the opportunity,! am

Very sincerely
George Ann Lillard

19 2 7


George Ann Lillard


Phillips Academy


June 17, 1927


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