Letter from Thomas Sun, New York City, to Alfred E. Stearns June 29, 1929

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Letter from Thomas Sun, New York City, to Alfred E. Stearns June 29, 1929


Letter from Thomas Sun, New York City, to Alfred E. Stearns June 29, 1929


Dear Dr. Stearns,

I just received my marks from Middlebury college for the past year. They are as follows;

Social Psychology- 86
Business Law-- 70
International Law—--81
Social efficiency——8l
Economic Geography of
Europe-- 86
Ave. 80.8

This is the highest average yet attained by me, and I think that I have done well considering the courses that I had. International Law and Business Law are the two hardest courses I ever had in one year. Last semester I got 72 in International Law, add I raised that mark to 81 for this semester. In Business Law, I dropped three points. I had an average well over eighty until I took the examination for which I got 50. That pulled my average way down. I am very disappointed in that courses.

As a whole, my average improved by two whole points, and I am also satisfied as to the courses I took. They were well worth the while.

I am here in Columbia for the Summer school. I haven’t decided yet what courses I will take yet, but I am sure that they will be in the Political science department. I have been thinking strongly to take some courses in International Law. I like it very much, and I sometimes think that I want to be a Diplomat rather than a Political Scientist.

I realized the fact that the summer will be an expensive one for me. Whatever it costs, I value the Chinese friends whom I have met twice that amount, You do not know how much I appreciate Chinese association after four years of ‘isolation’. During those four years, I met not a single Chinese. Therefore I welcome this change to come into contact with them.

Charlie came unexpectedly into my room last night. I understand that he plans to attend the Summer School at Columbia also.

Mary left three days ago for New Haven where she had to resume her work.

Very Sincerely yours
Thomas Sun


Thomas Sun


Phillips Academy


June 29, 1929


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