Letter from Thomas Sun, Middlebury College, to Alfred E. Stearns March 20, 1929

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Letter from Thomas Sun, Middlebury College, to Alfred E. Stearns March 20, 1929


Letter from Thomas Sun, Middlebury College, to Alfred E. Stearns March 20, 1929


D.U. House
Middlebury College
Middlebury, Vermont
March 20, 1929

Dr.Alfred E. Stearns
Phillips Academy
Andover, Mass

My dear Dr. Stearns,

Enclose please find the letter yesterday from Charlie Undoubtedly, I turn to you for advise and consolation. This is the first time that I have learned that father’s condition is rea serious and the letter came so suddenly while I was in a good mo strucks me especially hard.

For the past few months I have known that my father has some trouble, but it never occurred to me that it was serious as to cause him unconscious. Unconsciousness for 24 hours is very dangerous specially for an old man like father. I hate to think of the slow expected end which might come as a consequence.

This year has been a hard one for me. I have worked hard every day always looking forward for the day when I must leave all friends I have made here while in college and go home. I have not been home for nearly nine years, and sometimes I consider this is home--this country, because I have been so accustomed to the ways of this country, but yet my real home is in China, and it is there that I belong, and I am and have been hoping for the day when I will land on Chinese soil for the first time in ten years. I have been dreaming of the day when I start work with a young man’s vigor. While in college I have fought hard battles and won. I am happy because of the fact that I have won the battles which were hard. The battlew I fought were not entirely college work, but socially being the only oriental character in this part of the country. I have been sucessful, I think, ad now I am facing the rest of my college career with an empty heart. May be I should not feel that way, an- may be it is through my present stage of sentimentality that I am writing like this, but I can not help it.

Please tell me how father’s condition is if you have heard more recently, and pleaseanswer by a special delivery, and please return the enclosed letter.

Your very sincerely


Thomas Sun


Phillips Academy


March 20, 1929


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