Letter from Annie W. Goodrich, Yale School of Nursing, to Alfred E. Stearns April 9, 1929

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Letter from Annie W. Goodrich, Yale School of Nursing, to Alfred E. Stearns April 9, 1929


Letter from Annie W. Goodrich, Yale School of Nursing, to Alfred E. Stearns April 9, 1929


April 9, 1929
Dr. Alfred E. Steams
Phillips Academy
Andover, Mass.

My dear Dr. Steams;

I have been waiting to write you until I could give you as complete a report as possible of Miss Sun’s grades in the theoretical courses which are particularly heavy during the first six months of the course in nursing. You already know that Miss Sun failed in her course in physiology and psychology and that we were becoming very anxious lest she would be unable to continue in the school.

I am happy to write you that although she has failed in another subject, the course in orthopedics, on the whole she has very definitely improved her grades and has been most earnest in her effort to make good.

I will enclose a list of the subjects with the grades that she has made. She has now begun her clinical experience in one of the medical wards and the report is entirely favorable. I am planning in the immediate future to confer with Miss Sun and shall present to her our conclusion as to the desirable program in her case. After careful consideration of Miss Sun’s general standing, we believe that it would be best to allow her to continue with her clinical experience, not attempting for the present to make up the work in which she has failed. We believe it very possible that her clinical experience may be of assistance to her in taking the course in orthopedic conditions and possibly in physiology. She can repeat the latter course and the course in physiology with the incoming class in the fall. What we should have to ask her to do would be to make up the clinical experience lost by the additional time required for the theoretical work. I trust this arrangement will commend itself to you as equitable and advisable. I think we have every reason to believe that Miss Sun will carry on the course creditably. She has really done much better than I dared to hope she would when I last wrote you.

Believe me

Very sincerely yours,
Annie W. Goodrich

Pre-Clinical Grades
Chemistry C Principles and Practice C
Anatomy 75 Ear, Nose, Throat B
Physiology F Dietotherapy 94
Bacteriology D Materia Medica C
Psychology 45 Dermatology B plus
History of Nursing *Passed Orthopedics F
Drugs & Solutions D Eye 85
Miss Thatcher )
Miss Hodgman ) 80 Pathology
Nutrition and Cookery 72

*Students are listed either as Passed or Failed by these instructors
No definites grades are indicated.


Annie W. Goodrich


Phillips Academy


April 9, 1929


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