Letter from C.Y. Sun, Tientsin, to Alfred E. Stearns May 24, 1929

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Letter from C.Y. Sun, Tientsin, to Alfred E. Stearns May 24, 1929


Letter from C.Y. Sun, Tientsin, to Alfred E. Stearns May 24, 1929


My dear Dr. Stearns,

I wrote you a little time ago and made mention of being encouraged about Mary through a letter I received from an entire stranger. I sent you a copy of this letter. But now I am very much more encouraged by your kind letter of the 12th. April with the cheering news it brings from the Dean of the Yale Nursing School. It is also, as you say, a good sign that Mary herself feels encouraged at her progress. It was also very kind of you to write a special letter to Mary to help her to further effort and greater achievement.

Charlie wishes to come home, but I prefer that he take a post-graduate course and specialise in some line so as to fit him for work in China where the struggle and competition is now so keen that it will be very hard on Charlie unless he has qualifications along some special line. This is also the opinion of our late Minister to Washington Dr. S.K. Alfred Sze who has written Charlie to that effect, with regard to the special line Charlie might take up, we suggest law, economics, government administration, or diplomacy, and if he takes a special course in one of these it will go a long way towards fitting him for a position when he returns to the changed life and conditions be will find in China to-day. We would naturally like to see Charlie here but, looking to his future life and work, there is no doubt of the great advantage of taking a special or post-graduate course, and this would be a fitting conclusion to his educational efforts in America.

This letter is written from Shanghai where I am trying to regain my health and strength, after my illness, and while progress is slow I am hopeful that soon I shall be in better shape. Dr. & Madame Sze are in Shanghai and have told me a lot about the children and of how very kind you are to them. I do appreciate all you have done and are doing for my children and would again thank you for all your kindness.

With best wishes, I remain,

Very sincerely yours,

P.S. In case my letters arrive too late and Charlie is bent on coming home there is no course open but for you to kindly supply him with the necessary funds the same as you did for Arthur. I am just ordering a remittance of Gold $4,000-through the National City Bank of New York, London, and this remittance should reach you in July.




Phillips Academy


May 24, 1929


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