Letter from Alfred E. Stearns to C.Y. Sun, Tientsin June 27, 1929

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Letter from Alfred E. Stearns to C.Y. Sun, Tientsin June 27, 1929


Letter from Alfred E. Stearns to C.Y. Sun, Tientsin June 27, 1929


My dear Mr. Sun:

Thank you for your interesting letter of May 24.

Charlie came out to see me day before yesterday, and I met him again by appointment in Boston yesterday noon. On both occasions we discussed very fully the proposal made in your letters to him and to me and plans for his further study. Charlie has been fine about the whole thing, although he is naturally disappointed at having to give up the expected early return to his home. We have talked the situation over very freely together, and I have tried to point out to him just why your objections to the early return seem sound and the undoubted advantages that would accrue to him by further and more specialized study in America. I tried to emphasize the fact that China needed today very keenly men of his ability and character with broad and specialized training in lines that would naturally make them leaders. We have talked over the courses offered by Harvard and Columbia, which seemed to be the best along the general lines you have suggested, and while both of us would prefer Harvard because of the general surroundings and living conditions, it seems to be true that Columbia offers more and better courses in the subjects desired. Anyway, I have asked Charlie to go to New York to consult in person with the Dean of the Graduate School at Columbia in order that we may be sure of our ground. He has already consulted the Harvard authorities. The final decision will probably be made within the next week or two. In any event, Charlie plans to take some type-writing and secretarial courses during the current summer vacation.

Again thanking you for your letter, and trusting that the final arrangements may work out to the satisfaction of all concerned, and wishing also and most earnestly for your own early and complete recovery to normal health and vigor, believe me.

Very sincerely yours,


Alfred E. Stearns


Phillips Academy


June 27, 1929


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