Copy of letter from C.Y. Sun, Shanghai, to Alfred E. Stearns September 6, 1929

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Copy of letter from C.Y. Sun, Shanghai, to Alfred E. Stearns September 6, 1929


Copy of letter from C.Y. Sun, Shanghai, to Alfred E. Stearns September 6, 1929


My dear Dr. Stearns,

I thank you most cordially for your good letters of June 27th. and July 18th. and for all the kind assistance you have given. I cabled you as follows- "Tell Charlie mission temporarily postponed. Continue study diplomacy at Columbia as you two decided”. Dr. Tong’s mission has been postponed, end so far as we can see it is an indefinite postponement without date and in consequence the whole matter is uncertain.

As you know Dr. Sze is going as our Minister to London and I am trying to arrange that Charlie be appointed as one of his attaches on his London staff. I shall know definitely of this in the not too distant future. I thought a change of this kind would be good for Charlie and help him to get over his disappoint-ment and he would be able to continue his studies in London while at the same time he would have practical training in our Legation under Dr. Sze.

Although Charlie’s English is quite good I suggest that if he has any spare time he might continue his studies in higher English which he could continue in London. To be of service in diplomatic work requires an excellent command of the English language and literature.

If I am successful in securing this position for Charlie he would not require to go to London until about Christmas time, and Dr. Sze would write him direct as to the date of his leaving America. When this time arrives I shall be indebted to you if you will be so kind as to provide Charlie with the necessary money for travelling and something extra for his use when he arrives in London. In case our luck is against us and we should fail in getting Charlie appointed to the London Legation I would beg of you to use your influence with him to complete his studies in America.
I am exceedingly sorry to have again to trespass on your kindness in this matter, and I wish to assure you how much I value your help both in this matter and in all you are doing for me and my children.

With my kindest regards and renewed thanks.

Yours most sincerely,

C. Y. Sun


C.Y. Sun


Phillips Academy


September 6, 1929


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